Thursday, 18 April 2013

Plan ahead, Pack early

Like the trees and flowers, moving season is in full bloom in Montreal. After the prank mother nature pulled last week with the hope-crushing 15 cm of random snow the cold winter has passed and the longer days are filled with promise of a summer soon to come.

Summer time is also moving season in Montreal. Whether moving out of your parents house, moving in with a loved one, upgrading, downgrading, moving for work, etc there's no avoiding the fact that you'll have to move (despite your best efforts to ignore it). All of your stuff is going to have to get packed up and moved to a new place whether it be at the other end of the city or across the street.

Due to Quebec's famous 'Moving Day" over 80,000 Quebecers' spend Canada Day packing boxes. Also, lease patterns tend to end between May and August resulting in a large number of people having to move at that time. Companies therefor experience a huge amount of over demand during those peak times and charge higher rates.

Here are a few tips on how to save time, effort and money when hiring movers during the summer rush.

BOOK EARLY - Save Money - Booking in advance ensures that you will get a decent rate from your moving company. If you wait until the day before you can expect to pay higher prices.

BOOK EARLY - Save Time - Early bookings mean that you will be able to reserve easily. If you wait until the last minute you may have to contact multiple companies before finding one with openings and may end up with a company that you would never hire otherwise.

AVOID THE LAST DAY/FIRST DAY- Of each month. This can sometimes be tricky due to lease patterns but if your moving date is flexible and your budget is tight then avoiding these days are your best choice. These dates have higher demand and higher prices.

MID MONTH MOVES - The middle of the month can a quieter time for movers. By reserving a date between the 10th and 20th of each month, you may be able to benefit from a lower rate

There you have it! A few friendly tips from the team at Bust a Move Moving regarding your upcoming move in Montreal this summer.

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