Monday 18 June 2012

Top 10 - Make your Movers Hate You

Moving is tough so be sure to make things even more difficult for your movers by doing the following 10 things.

1- Find the biggest box you can and fill it with textbooks. Make sure to fill it to the top.

2- Don't sweep your place for three months prior to your movers arrival.

3- Place your 4L Jug of bleach upside down in a box. Make sure you don't tighten the lid.

4- Don't mention that your sofa was hoisted into your home with a crane the last time. We have the ability to move walls and door frames using mind power.

5 - Make sure not to reserve an elevator. They love constant high pitched beeping and being crushed by metal doors.

6-  If it's very hot out do not offer your mover a glass of water. Doing this will risk quenching their thirst.

7 - Never use moving boxes. Pack your dishes + glasses in garbage bags. Nothing protects better than an ultra thin garbage bag.

8- Ask your mover if you can help carry items into the truck. When he says "No",  do it anyway.

9- Remember that heavy box from #1?  Do not use tape to close the bottom, that way 4 years of university literature will surely fall through the bottom.

10- If you are pleased with the service and everything was great, do not tip your movers. If you tip them they will feel appreciated.

Monday 4 June 2012

Make your movers love you

Your movers will love it if you;

1- Use boxes that are relatively all the same size
2- Sweep up dust/dirt/animal hair before they arrive
3- Are well prepared/organized
4- Reserve parking in front of your building so they can park
5- Reserve the elevator in your building so they are not constantly being crushed and beeped at
6- Offer them something to drink on hot days
7- Pack books and heavy items in smaller boxes
8- Remove ice + snow from stairways
9- Clean out your fridge
10- Clean dirty stoves and tables before they arrive

And remember, happy movers work harder!