Tuesday 14 May 2013

The Garbage Bag grumbles

Garbage Bags are great for moving.... Said no one, ever.

We've traveled through the vast lands of Nepal to converse with wise Buddhists about a question that we can not understand; "Why do people use garbage bags instead of moving boxes"

Have you ever seen a golfer strolling down the fairway with their clubs in a garbage bag?
No!  Yet on moving day,  your golf clubs are jammed into garbage bags.

Do the products in grocery stores come in garbage bags?
No!  Yet on moving day you empty the contents of your fridge in 1 garbage bag.

When you buy a set of dishes does the cashier carefully place them into garbage bags?
No!  Yet on moving day you place your dishes into garbage bags to ensure ultimate protection.

When Dell ships your laptop does FedEx ring your doorbell and hand you a garbage bag?
No, Yet on moving day you cram every electronic in your home into one large garbage bag.

Even garbage bags come in boxes when you buy them. Can you imagine buying a garbage bag filled with garbage bags from the store?

The best is when people cover their glass lamp shades with a garbage bag for protection. The only good thing about this is when (I'm saying 'when' because it's inevitable) the lamp shatters, the pieces will already be in the garbage. 

Garbage bags should not be used for moving because;
1) The can't be stacked
2) They are awkward to carry
3) The chance of them ripping apart is 100%
4) The chance of them protecting your things is 0%

Things Garbage bags are great for;
1) Garbage
2) A cape for a Batman costume

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