Monday 25 February 2013

What a Waste!

Going Green is no longer a trend; it’s the new way of life. Nowadays companies are dreaming up amazing solutions that benefit both society and the environment. Bamboo laptops, water-less washing machines and solar powered refrigerators are just a few inventions which are beyond impressive.  When thinking of the moving industry however, there is nothing spectacular to be found.

This past January we moved two customers from Montreal to Toronto and brought a load back to Montreal on our way home. Once all was done, we were bothered by the amount of waste that we produced in order to complete our moves.  The distance of the entire trip was approximately 1500 km’s (return) and took two days. Below is a list of our supplies used;

-500 Litres of Diesel fuel.
-10 queen size mattress bags – Plastic
-600 meters of packing tape – Plastic
-140 boxes, give or take – Cardboard
-800 feet of Shrink Wrap – Plastic

It was disappointing to see how 'un-environmentally' friendly our business was and had us thinking of what could be done to reduce our impact. We have a few ideas, but they require a lot of extra time and effort to implement, not to mention they are more costly for us.  

We would be interested to hear from anyone who may have ideas as to how we could reduce our impact on the environment.  All ideas are welcome (no matter how small, large, ridiculous or unlikely).

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